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Emerging technologies are becoming a huge force in dentistry. But along with the early adoption of tech, Dr. Laskin believes in advocating for the patients who will be on the receiving end of so much innovation. If you’d like to have a voice in changing the industry — and patient care — please join the conversation at the Dental Standards Institute.

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Current And In Process Standards

ANSI/DSI MST1.1:2020 (ANSI approved 9/24/2020) Definitions Of Terms In Dental Metrics
ANSI/DSI GSST1.1:2020 (ANSI approved 10/22/2020) Graphic Symbols - Pictograms For Information Regarding the Healthcare Patient


ANSI/DSI VRST1.1:2020 (ANSI approved 9/24/2020) Usage of Therapeutic Virtual Reality for Anxiety Reduction In Healthcare
DSI ERST1.1:2020 The Dental Practice Medical Emergency Kit Design, Contents and location
ANSI/DSI DCNST1.1:2021 (ANSI approved 3/8/2021) Verification and Displaying of Dental Patient Chart Notes (DCN)
DSI EEDRA1.1:202X Equitable Electronic Dental Record Access (EEDRA) For Dental Patients
DSI PAIID1.1-202X Prudent Adjudication Reporting in Dentistry
DSI PAIID2.1-202X Calibration of Adjudication Techniques in Dentistry
DSI OWSST1.1:202X Oral Wellness Status (OWS) Determination, Categorization and Reporting

ADA: co-chair Workgroup 11.9

ODIN - Oral Dataset Interoperability Network (draft)

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The Patient First Manifesto

If you’re ready to bury the dinosaurs in dentistry, come along with Dr. Laskin to learn why focusing on patients — and not just top-notch clinical care — can exponentially improve your practice. You’ll discover how to bring in far more patients — without a massive marketing budget — while leveraging new technology to free up your talented team to happily do its best work. Win-win!