Dental Disorder

The New Book Dental Disorder Is Available Now!

Did you know Starbucks probably has more advanced technology than a typical dental office when it comes to catering to customer experience? It’s true! In my book, find out how fixing the problem is actually easier, faster and cheaper than you'd expect.

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The Patient First Manifesto

If you’re ready to bury the dinosaurs in dentistry, come along with Dr. Laskin to learn why focusing on patients — and not just top-notch clinical care — can exponentially improve your practice. You’ll discover how to bring in far more patients — without a massive marketing budget — while leveraging new technology to free up your talented team to happily do its best work. Win-win!

About Dr. Bryan Laskin

As a champion of Digital Nitrous, dental standards and the importance of the patient experience in dentistry, Dr. Laskin appears frequently in TV interviews and podcasts, and writes as a thought leader in the healthcare space.

If you’d like to interview Dr. Laskin, please reach out to Megan Hennen, at

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Thanks to his many cutting-edge projects and partnerships, Dr. Laskin is a highly sought after keynote speaker, expert panelist and media guest. To book Dr. Bryan Laskin for a speaking engagement, please reach out to Megan Hennen, at