The Patient First Manifesto

The Patient First Manifesto presents a new vision for the dental experience that identifies the root cause of patient complaints in our offices and how to turn those complaints into your best source of referrals. The vulnerabilities that cause patients to switch offices after years of loyal business and how to benefit from this trend are exposed, along with how to use the "coffee pot" strategy to pay for any piece of technology you can imagine. You'll learn easy but powerful ways to grow your practice through improving care, reducing stress, and making more money.

Dental Disorder

There is a secret war going on in dentistry right under our very loupes. And while it’s invisible to the average dentist, the daily repercussions (lost patients, misdiagnoses, lawsuits, and more) are NOT.

The fact is, dentists and patients are caught in a pointless battle in which everyone loses…

Dental Disorder by Dr. Bryan Laskin, author of the best selling book The Patient First Manifesto, picks up where his previous book left off, exposing the real enemies to quality care and charting the path dentists and leaders in the dental industry must follow to fight back against the enemies putting their bottom line above our patients' wellbeing.


Upgrade Dental

While others bury their heads in the proverbial sand — relying on their cotton roll savings to grow their bottom line – Upgrade Dental teaches dentists how to leverage new technology to rapidly grow their practices far beyond their expectations. Anyone can attend Upgrade Dental’s expert-led Upgrade Day quarterly training courses for CE credits. Full members, meanwhile, receive additional training, detailed technology plans for their offices, implementation tips, members-only discounts and more.



Thanks to his many cutting-edge projects and partnerships, Dr. Laskin is a highly sought after keynote speaker, expert panelist and media guest. To book Dr. Bryan Laskin for a speaking engagement, please reach out to Megan Hennen, at