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The Big Opportunity In Dentistry Today

Performing clinical dental has dramatically improved over the last few decades. From CAD/CAM restorations, CT imaging and guided surgeries, the practice of dentistry has never been as predictable or as fulfilling for dental practitioners. The rate of change, both from a clinical and business perspective, is also increasing at a rapidly escalating rate. Some of these changes can lead to either a problem or an opportunity, based on how you, as a dental practice, adjust to them. The rise of group practices, social media, digital dentistry and emerging technologies all can either benefit or destroy a dental practice. The key opportunity in today’s dental marketplace to ensure your practice’s success will be focusing on what elevates your patients’ experiences.

The Operatory Podcast

Bury the technological "dinosaurs" in your practice and learn to thrive in today's market. The Operatory discusses navigating the turbulent dental marketplace through focusing on the patient’s perspective. Topics range from clinical technology, team communication, increasing case acceptance, and more.

If you would like to be a guest on The Operatory Podcast please email Bryan's assistant by clicking here.

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How To Transform Your Practice...

While others bury their heads in the proverbial sand, relying on their cotton roll savings to grow their bottom line...  Upgrade Dental teaches dentists how to leverage new technology to rapidly grow their practice beyond what they may have ever thought possible.

Members receive a full technology plan for their office, training, implementation tips, member only discounts, and much more.

Upgrade Dental Membership
OperaVR Digital Nitrous

Finally, A New Dental Experience

Over 80% of people experience some form of dental anxiety. This has not only hurt our patients, but consistently lowers case acceptance and adds undue stress to our teams. The fact is, most people just HATE going to the dentist. With OperaVR, you can send them to the beach instead! (in VR of course)

OperaVR "Digital Nitrous" is a drug free sedation tool that is proven as effective as nitrous oxide in reducing pain and anxiety. OperaVR not only gets patients in the door, but allows for easier exams, higher case acceptance rates, and overall better dentistry.

Designed over the past 3 years in a dental office, OperaVR is the key to unlocking buzz and new patient growth for your office.

The Easy Communication Solution

Communication is at the heart of every dental practice. Easy, effective, and accurate communication is the key to increasing productivity, boosting staff morale, and maintaining a healthy practice.

OperaDDS offers an end to end suite of communication tools that cover everything from paperless intake forms that save back to your practice management system, to intra office chat, to recall and reviews.

Used by over 10,000 offices OperaDDS is the Easy, and trusted way to securely communicate. Click below to learn more or view a demo here.

OperaDDS The Easy Solution
Bryan Laskin Senior Vice President of Innovation At Dental Care Alliance

Empowering Smart Transitions

Most (let’s face it… almost all) dentists wait far too long to determine their transition strategy. Gone are the days of viewing your practice as your largest nest egg, and hoping to retire on a single transaction at the end of your career. Frankly, given the fact that most dentists can not retire by age 65, that was never a winning strategy. Dental Care Alliance

is one of the country’s largest dental support organizations. We have more than 300 affiliated dental practices in 19 states.

Dental Care Alliance is a ground-breaking dental support organization created by dentists, and focused on improving the well-being of both patients and dentists.
Our proven model continues to evolve and has stood the test of time. We take great pride in successfully supporting more than 650 dentists in over 300 practices in 19 states. Let’s talk about how we can work to help you achieve the next critical step in your career, no matter what that may be.

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